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Guide's Update
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Heli Ski Safari

1st descents & ski 200km up the spine of the Coast Range

What is the Heli Ski Safari?

From views of the ocean and fjords to the biggest mountains in British Columbia,
heliski from two or more of our lodges and ski the entire length of our 2.64 million acres of terrain.

Ski first descents! Heliski runs that have never, ever seen another ski track.

  1. Min. ability Strong Intermediate
  2. Group size 2 groups of 4
  3. Groups per heli 1 or 2
  4. Season Winter, Spring

The ultimate exploratory heli-skiing program: stay at 2 lodges and ski uncharted territory!

Are you having a hard time deciding if you would like to stay at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge or Pantheon Heli Ranch?  Well, why not stay at both! The Heli-Ski Safari will let you do a split-stay between these 2 lodges.

Ski zones in the Tweedsmuir tenure, then halfway through your stay, ski & fly over 200km along the spine of the Coast Range, ending up in our Pantheon tenure, home to the tallest mountains in BC and arguably the most isolated heli-ski zones in Canada! You will get to ski runs that have never been skied!

The Pantheon Heli Ranch will be exclusively yours for the duration of your stay.

Who should book?

The Heli-Ski Safari is suitable for strong intermediates and better and would be of interest to anyone who is keen on exploration and skiing in uncharted territory. It is the perfect program for experienced heli-skiers who are bored of the big lodge, big helicopter format. Your group size should be up to either 3 people in a Private format, or up to 8 people in a Semi-Private. With both group sizes there will be 2 highly experienced guides.

  1. 7 Nights Private for up to 3 people.     8 possible ski days (2 half-days & 6 full days); includes 11 hours of flying time Inquire*
  2. 7 Nights Semi-Private up to 8 people.  8 possible ski days (2 half-days & 6 full days); includes 20 hours of flying time Inquire*

*Includes return airfares from Vancouver to Bella Coola (or Anahim Lake). 

Bookings and Inquiries

Package prices vary depending on the time of year and number of nights your group will be staying with us. Inquire now for more information, to make a booking, or to have us customize a package for you.

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From first-timers to hardcores, we have a package for everyone!

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