Arrival, Departure & A Typical Stay

We maximize your time on-snow


Bella Coola Heli Sports is the only destination operation in Canada where guests can ski on both arrival and departure days. Our guests can also ski a complete day on the first full day of the trip! While other companies' guests are transferring to their lodge and getting there in the afternoon on arrival day, our guests are out skiing!

Because our guests can ski on arrival and departure day, someone staying with us on a 7 night trip will get to ski on 8 days! And what's more is that most guests would only need to take 5.5 to 6 days off of work. For example, leave home on a Friday, ski with us on Saturday afternoon for a couple of runs, then full days Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and a few runs on Saturday morning, fly out Saturday evening, take it easy on Sunday, then back in the office on Monday. Now that is maximizing your time. Sweet, eh?

The following is how a typical stay looks;

Arrival Day - From Vancouver to our lodges

After staying the night in Vancouver, the flight to Bella Coola leaves mid-morning. Our Airport Rep will be on hand to point guests in the right direction. Once on-board the short 70 minute flight, you will be glued to the windows, marvelling at the huge expanses of mountains, imaging yourself skiing down the peaks. And yes, you very well could be skiing those runs in the coming days as a huge chunk of that area is in our permit zone! 

On landing in Bella Coola (or Anahim Lake for Pantheon, Terra Nostra, and Mystery Mountain guests), our friendly lodge staff will welcome you and serve a picnic-style lunch right at the airport. Once you have eaten, our highly experienced guide team will take over in order to do the Safety Briefing. Once that is completed, we will take you to our ski room and get you kitted out so that you can heliski right from the airport if the weather is good!

For the rest of the afternoon you will do run after run, eventually ending up on the front lawn of your lodge (except for Eagle Lodge guests, they land back at the airport for the short 5 minute shuttle to the lodge). 

At the lodge

Once at the lodge, here's how the full days roll out;

6:45 am – Optional stretching classes

8:00 am – Choice of an impressive hot or continental breakfast. The guides will discuss the day’s plans and suggest a departure time

9:00 am – At Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Mystery Mountain Ranch, Terra Nostra Guest Ranch and Pantheon Heli Ranch you jump into the helicopter right from the lodge!  Sometimes at Tweedsmuir the guides might think the conditions will be better in a different part of our tenure so we will drive down the valley to access it. Eagle Lodge guests take a short 5 minute daily drive to the staging area. Groups of 4 will depart in each heli load with a guide. 

Mid-day - Lunch will be served in the mountains somewhere with great views of the mighty Coast Range

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Return to the lodge, depending on the time of year (and how tired your legs are!)

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Après Ski! Enjoy cold beers and delicious hors d'oeuvres

7:00 pm – The 2nd best reason to join us: a 3 course (and sometimes more) gourmet dinner!

 Note: these times are a guideline only! 

Departure Day - To Vancouver from our lodges

Your last day will the reverse of your arrival day. After a regular morning of stretching, breakfast, and weather/ski forecasts you will jump in the helicopter to several runs, working your way towards the airport. Around noon the helicopter will drop you off, just metres away from the plane waiting to take you back to Vancouver. While you were skiing, or staff will have dropped off your luggage so you can change into your clothes. You will arrive in Vancouver mid-afternoon and we strongly suggest booking flights for after 6pm in case of weather delays. This means guests from western North America can be home that night, while those from the East Coast, Europe, and the rest of the world can catch a flight that night, avoiding the extra cost and hassle of staying a night in Vancouver!

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