How to get here

Get yourself to Vancouver and we'll do the rest


Beautiful places do NOT need to be difficult to get to!

For the vast majority of the heli-skiing season, we charter planes for our guests to get to Bella Coola (or Anahim Lake for Pantheon, Mystery Mountain, and Terra Nostra guests). These flights leave mid-morning and only take 70 minutes, then it's a quick transfer to the lodge!

We suggest that you fly into Vancouver the night before your heli-skiing trip and stay at an airport hotel. While we have preferred rates at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, it is often cheaper to find a room on an online booking site.

For guests who live in the western US, it is possible to leave your home in the morning and catch an early flight which would get you into Vancouver in time to make our flight to Bella Coola. Make sure to give yourself plenty of transit time!

The flight to Bella Coola/Anahim Lake - return flights are included in the package price (on the scheduled days)! We will book the flights for you. We recommend you arrive the night before your trip and that you book your return flight home after 6pm on departure day. These flights are operated by Pacific Coastal Airlines.

At the airport - Depending on which lodge you are staying at, the flights leave from the South Terminal, or Signature Flight Support (next to the South Terminal) of Vancouver International Airport (YVR). These locations are around a 5-10 minute drive from the Main Terminal. There are regular free shuttles between the terminals, as well as the airport hotels. It is perhaps easiest to take a taxi.

Private planes - it's not unusual for guests to arrive by private plane. The Bella Coola (QBC) and Anahim Lake (YAA) airports have runways of 4,200ft & 3,936ft respectively. Bella Coola is the airport to use for guests staying at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge and Eagle Lodge, while Pantheon, Terra Nostra, and Mystery Mountain guests should fly into Anahim Lake. If bad weather prevents landing in Bella Coola, Anahim Lake might be a possibility and we can organize a shuttle to Tweedsmuir or Eagle Lodge. See individual airport websites for more detailed info. Contact us if you still have questions.


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