5 wilderness lodges & 1 gorgeous catamaran

Whether you’re planning a heli-ski experience with family or a bunch of your best friends, we have a range of lodging options to meet the needs of individuals, couples, small groups, and parties of up to 18.
To help you decide which lodge to choose, we have made a comparison table at the bottom of this page.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Our mountain playground. Exclusively yours.

Enjoy awe-inspiring heli-skiing and heli-boarding terrain, a heli on your front lawn, gourmet dining, superior service, and chalet accommodation in a wilderness setting. This is the perfect place for you and your closest friends to come for the best heli-ski holiday of your collective lives.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is our original heli-skiing and heli-boarding location where we’ve been hosting heli-skiers since 2001.

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Eagle Lodge


Eagle Lodge offers accommodation in the quaint community of Hagensborg. Centrally located within the Bella Coola Valley, Eagle Lodge is only five minutes from the Bella Coola airport and our helicopters!

Whether your trip is for 3, 4, 5 or 7 days, this is the perfect option if you’re looking to get the best bang for your budget while enjoying world-class heli-skiing. Just 12 guests making only 2 groups of 6 in the heli.

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Pantheon Heli Ranch

Uncharted territory & classic western hospitality.

Enjoy a unique stay at a former cattle ranch in the heart of the Coast Range wilderness.

The Ranch offers the opportunity to ski in unnamed valleys and regularly ski first descents, a rare experience in the heli-skiing industry. Hosting just 9 people, the Ranch is the perfect to have exclusive use of the whole operation for your family or group of friends. 

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Mystery Mountain Ranch at Sand Creek Ranch

Explore never skied terrain amongst BC's highest mountains.

Join our highly experienced guide to fly and ski in the deepest depths of our vast tenure. Lay trenches in deep powder on runs that have never, ever seen a ski track! This is our most exclusive trip: just 1 group of up to 5 people with access to millions of acres of phenomenal terrain. Help the guides name some of the new runs. If you're looking for something very few people have done, this is it!

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Terra Nostra Guest Ranch

Frontier Heli-Skiing

Looking for something different, yet cozy with access to amazing skiing? Terra Nostra, a horseback riding ranch in the summer, can host up to 8 people at a time. It's the perfect location for medium sized groups who would like exclusive lodge use with their own helicopter. When not skiing, guests can go horseback riding, ice-fishing, cross country skiing, ice skating and more! 

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Exclusive Lodge Use

Have exclusive use of your own heli-skiing operation.

Booking a Private or Semi-Private package where you have sole use of one of our helicopters is pretty awesome, however, if you want the ultimate for your family or crew, then doing a "lodge buy out" is the way to go! To have exclusive use of a lodge, your group needs to book all;

  • 5 guests at Mystery Mountain Ranch
  • 8 guests at Terra Nostra Guest Ranch
  • 8 guests on the MV Cascadia 
  • 9 guests at Pantheon Heli Ranch
  • 12 guests at Eagle Lodge
  • 16 guests at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Bringing additional non-skiing guests might be possible. Contact us for details


All our lodges are great, so which to choose?

The below table will give you an idea of how the lodges compare to each other. To summarize, if you prefer a higher standard of accommodation and great skiing, go with Tweedsmuir. If you are watching your budget and only care about the skiing, book Eagle Lodge. If you are looking for something totally different, funky, just your crew and want to explore uncharted terrain, Pantheon, Terra Nostra and Mystery Mountain Ranch are where you want to be! Regardless of the lodge you book, you will receive the same level of high service and cuisine.....and don't worry, the skiing is mind-blowing at all locations!

  Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Eagle Lodge Pantheon Heli Ranch Mystery Mountain Ranch Terra Nostra Guest Ranch MV Cascadia
Flights to lodge from Vancouver Included in package Included in package Included in package Included in package Included in package Included in package
Ambiance A gorgeous wilderness lodge in a provincial park. The main lodge is the social hub with a nice lounge area with a large stone fireplace, restaurant and games rooms. Guests stay in timber-frame chalets with gas fireplaces Cozy and intimate! This lodge has a home-y feel. Recently renovated rooms are in the main building. Situated on acreage near Hagensborg Guests stay in either cabins or in the beautiful log building. With just 9 guests, it feels like you are "home" Our most exclusive location! We host just 4-5 people here. Homemade meals and a ranch-style gives this location a rustic, Wild West feel. Very similar to Mystery Mountain Ranch, but for 8 people instead of 4.   
Where the helicopters leave from Right in front of your chalet! Occasionally we will drive to a helipad 20 or 40 minutes away if the guides believe you will get better skiing there. 5-minute drive to the helicopter hangar Right at the ranch Right at the ranch Right at the ranch The helipad on the back deck!
Group size 2 groups of 4 per helicopter if there are more than 12 people at the lodge OR 3 groups of 4 per helicopter if there are 12 or fewer people at the lodge Only 2 groups of 6 people using the helicopter! 1 heli for just 1 group of 9 plus 2 guides 1 heli for just 1 group of 5 plus 2 guides 1 heli for just 1 group of 8 plus 2 guides 2 groups of 4
Short Stays? Yes, available from season-opening to early February. And also after the 1st week of April. Stays from mid-February to the end of 1st week of April are reserved for 7-night packages. Yes, any time Only 7 nights available (contact us if interested in 5 nights) Only 7 nights available (contact us if interested in 5 nights) 4, 5, 7 or more nights available Only 7 nights available (contact us if interested in 5 nights)
Exclusive Use of Lodge & Operation Yes for 16-17 people Yes for 12 people Yes for 9 people Yes for 5 people Yes up to 8 people Yes up to 8 skiers, plus 8 non-skiers
Ski Area Tweedsmuir & Eagle Lodges make up 1.4 million acres of our 3.55 million total Pantheon, Mystery Mountain & Terra Nostra make up 1.24 million acres of our 3.55 million total
Use of snowboard, skis, poles Free Free Free Free Free Free
Use of Airbag, shovel, probe Free Free Free Free Free Free
Chalet/Room Configuration 7 chalets with a Queen bed plus a Double bed (double occupancy),
1 chalet with a King bed (single occupancy or a couple),
1 duplex: 1 side with a King, the other side with 2 Queens (rooms are separate & private)
9 x rooms with Queen beds 5 rooms with a Double bed,
5 rooms with a Queen bed
4 rooms: 1 room with en-suite & 2 Queen beds, and 3 rooms with a Queen 4 rooms, each with en-suite 8 cabins, each with en-suite
Single Occupancy Additional upgrade - subject to availability Additional upgrade - subject to availability Included in the package price Included in the package price Not available, unless there are 7 or fewer people in the group (or 3 people share one of the rooms with 3 beds) Included in the package price
Washrooms/bathrooms En-suite in chalet En-suite in room Shared with 1-2 other guests (although 2 rooms have their own ensuite) 1 room with en-suite, 2 rooms share a washroom and 1 room has access to their own washroom Each room has an en-suite Each cabin has an en-suite
Hot-tub / sauna Outdoor hot tub & sauna Outdoor hot tub River-side sauna - coming soon Coming soon Coming soon On the rear deck
Cell Phone Coverage Landline only Yes Landline only Landline only Landline only  
Free Internet High-speed internet (but not as fast/stable as you might have at home) High-speed internet (but not as fast/stable as you might have at home) Satellite internet Satellite internet Satellite internet  
Massage Therapist Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Other Activities Fly-fishing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding, cultural tours, interpretive nature walks, harbour cruise, archery Cultural tours, interpretive nature walks, harbour cruise Ice skating, interpretive nature walks Interpretive nature walks Horseback riding, ice-fishing, cross country skiing, ice skating  


Our most exclusive option.

Cruise the fjords of the Coast Range aboard your private catamaran! At 138ft, the MV Cascadia gives you access to the furthest reaches of our terrain. Complete with hot tub and heli pad on the main deck, this is the ultimate heliskiing experience.

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